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General Questions

We constantly update our Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand the process and the requirements as accurate and best as possible. Thank you for your patience.

There are several things that make us different from other companies, like:

a.     We not only help you get benefits from CRA (DTC) but we can also help you in getting other benefits such as CPP, EI, Student Loans and Provincial programs like ODSP. We, therefore, provide a fairly comprehensive service while others focus on benefits from CRA (DTC) only. The benefits from other sources sometimes may be equal to benefits from CRA (DTC), so you may get twice the benefit.

b.    We do a comprehensive review of your tax return. By that we mean, a line by line review of Deductions and Non-Refundable Credits because once we claim DTC there may be Deductions and Non-Refundable Credits that may be lost. These are better carried forward to future years or transfer to other spouse or family members.

c.    Our no surprise pricing – we include all payments that you will have to make in our quote – we don’t hit you with taxes or with disbursement expenses.

Not necessarily – there are programs for which it is important that you do not earn money and are not able to work. In some cases some benefits are available irrespective of level of income but your age may be a criteria. Other benefits are available only if you or someone in your family has taxable income.

Once the form is submitted the process takes approximately 15 to 20 weeks. The processing time depends upon the agency dealing with benefit being applied for as well as the Province in which the client lives.

Some benefits are non-taxable. For example benefits from CRA are tax free i.e., it will not affect your Taxable Income or Old Age Pension. Benefits from CPP and EI are taxable.

Normally the money comes in 2 to 3 instalments via cheque. If you use the Direct Deposit option the money will be deposited directly into your bank account.

With a properly written form submitted to the CRA the success rate is over 99%. The success rate for CPP and EI is a little less but with care and diligence it can be increased. Remember you pay nothing until you get your benefit.
We keep all information confidential and secure. We do not share your information with anyone other than as required by law or unless we have your approval.
Yes, absolutely. However we are experts at this process, it is what we specialize in and we do a very detailed work on revising your tax returns. Infact that is one of the things that makes us different from other service providers. We have clients who did it themselves and surely they were able to get some benefits but when they came to us we were able to identify that they missed out claiming almost 50% of the money. We were able to recover part of these but some money was lost due to limits on how far back we can go back when making claims from the Government. We know how to maximize your benefits.
Our experience has been that CRA does not normally audit other information. Yes they will look at what is being claimed / revised but that does not normally result in an audit because we provide them with detailed information on the claims / revision when we submit our request. For CPP and EI again they will look into the information provided by you or your previous employer and then process the claims.

The amount that you get back from the Government depends on many factors:

For benefits from CRA: it depends upon your age, duration of disability, tax payable, medical expenses incurred, etc.
For benefits from CPP: it depends upon for how long and how much you have contributed.
For benefits from EI: it depends upon your income history.
There is no simple yes or no answer to this. It depends upon the type of benefit you are receiving and the benefit you are applying for.
For example if you are receiving disability benefit from the provincial government such as ODSP then benefits from CRA will not be affected nor will it affect your ODSP entitlement. However if you are applying for CPP or EI benefits than your ODSP benefits will be affected. If you are receiving CPP disability then benefits from CRA will not be affected but benefits from the provincial government, such as ODSP may be affected.
You can apply for the benefit retroactively for 10 years for benefits from CRA. For CPP benefits you can go back 11 months.
Yes providing there is an Executor of the Estate or a will or if you are a relative of the deceased (provided other relatives do not have any objection).

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